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Are you ready to ROCK again? Rock the Quad


Media Information

In addition to supporting local music, Rock the Quad proudly supports local student and professional Media. However all media must be screened by the Rock the Quad committee.  Contact us so we can discuss the information. Please refer to the information below for the different types of media.

  • Professional, Non-Purdue affiliated Media
    • Prior to the event, due to university policy, non-Purdue affiliated Media outlets will not be granted authorization to publish information on the Event. This information includes but is not limited to:
      • Bands to be performing
      • Date/Time of Performance
      • Interviews or statements of anyone involved with Rock the Quad
    • Post Event, if you would like to publish information, photos or interviews of Rock The Quad personnel this can be approved by contacting us
  • Purdue Affiliated Media
    • To gain permission to publish and type of information on the event please contacting us
  • Students requesting information for projects

Media Passes

For Media Passes for the Event Date, please contact us so we can screen and process your request. If you are accepted, you will need to adhere to all policy's and instructions set forth by Rock The Quad event staff, band staff and university policy's. All media gathered during the event must be submitted to Cary Club within 1 day following the event. This includes but is not limited to: images, raw video footage, statements made by band and event attendees. For questions please contacting us

FREE to Purdue University students and faculty with valid Purdue ID (closed event to ONLY Purdue Students)