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Cary Club's WCCR - Extreme College Radio

WCCR-Extreme College Radio, home to the finest in Purdue University college radio since 1952. Our programming varies from jazz to hard rock to talk and conversation. As each show is an independent production, individual Djs are given the freedom to populate their playlists, giving each program a unique feel and the opportunity to build their own listenership.

Download Patrick Mosher Interview  31-03-2015 (21.37 MB)

Patrick Mosher Interview

Download Why So Yes(11-06-14)  19-12-2014 (27.47 MB)

Why So Yes(11-06-14)

Download The Buffet(11-10-14)  19-12-2014 (27.47 MB)

The Buffet(11-10-14)

Download Brittany and Kristen(11-12-14)  19-12-2014 (27.46 MB)

Brittany and Kristen(11-12-14)

  • Brittany and Kristen(11-12-14)


Download Clayton Christian(12-02-14)  19-12-2014 (27.46 MB)

Clayton Christian(12-02-14)

Download Austin Hartman(12-04-14)  19-12-2014 (27.48 MB)

Austin Hartman(12-04-14)

Download Dizy After Dark(12-04-14)  19-12-2014 (27.46 MB)

Dizy After Dark(12-04-14)

Download Brittany and Kristen(12-10-14)  19-12-2014 (27.46 MB)

Brittany and Kristen(12-10-14)

  • Brittany and Kristen(12-10-14)


Download Why So Yes(12-11-14)  19-12-2014 (27.47 MB)

Why So Yes(12-11-14)

Download The Buffet(12-15-14)  19-12-2014 (27.48 MB)

The Buffet(12-15-14)

Download Ryan Gordish(12-16-14)  19-12-2014 (27.48 MB)

Ryan Gordish(12-16-14)

Download Why So Yes(12-18-14)  19-12-2014 (27.47 MB)

Why So Yes(12-18-14)

Download Brittany and Kristen(12-17-14)  19-12-2014 (27.46 MB)

Brittany and Kristen(12-17-14)

  • Brittany and Kristen(12-17-14)


Download Martin Fanelli(11-04-14)  19-12-2014 (41.19 MB)

Martin Fanelli(11-04-14)

Download Austin Hartman(11-06-14)  19-12-2014 (27.47 MB)

Austin Hartman(11-06-14)