Rock the Quad


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So, you want to be a DJ at WCCR? The easiest and fastest way to become a DJ is to come to one of our callouts. We have one near the beginning of every semester. If you missed the callout for whatever reason, you aren't completely out of luck, but there is a little leg work you'll have to do.

First: Send an e-mail to This will put you in contact with someone in charge that will find a time to meet with you and discuss more information about our studio as well as finding a time slot to complete mandatory hands-on station training.  

Second: Check out the schedule tab! Figure out a time and a name for the show you would like to do.

Finally: You will now be able to start your show!


  • Each DJ (that isn't a guest) in your show who isn't a Cary Quad resident will have to bring $16 for dues. Cary Quad residents have already paid dues as part of their room and board fees.