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This web site and the broadcasts on WCCR do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Purdue University, University Residences and/or Cary Quadrangle. Some shows on WCCR may contain adult-oriented content. Listener discretion is advised.

About WCCR

Established by a group of Cary Quadrangle residents in 1952, Cary Club Radio (WCCR) was the first totally student-run radio station at Purdue, as one of the original student radio stations in the Big Ten. For years, WCCR was broadcast from the top of the Cary Quad residence tower, from which we broadcast over the airwaves at 90.1 CaFM, a relatively low-frequency local signal. WCCR was also a part of the full campus Purdue Radio Network (PRN) which ran programming from all of the campus radio stations.

In 2005 WCCR switched to an Internet radio format, increasing our reach, and allowing our listeners to stream a higher-quality feed of our programming. We still remain one of the 3 student run radio station on campus!

Renovations to Cary Quad finished in 2006 moved our productions to an amazing new studio in the basement of Cary Northwest, where the station presently resides. The new station includes a listener Study Lounge complete with a speaker broadcasting a live feed of our station as well as a window for listeners to view what's happening in the station!

While technically a "sub-club" of Cary Club, the activities organization of Cary Quadrangle, WCCR is an exercise in student management and creativity, boasting not only the talents of the gentlemen who call Cary their home, but Purdue students from around campus who are able to take advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities and make their voice heard.

Officially, our designation is modern and alternative rock, though our programming varies from jazz to hard rock to talk and conversation. As each show is an independent production, individual hosts are given the freedom to populate their playlists, giving each program a unique feel and the opportunity to build their own listenership.

Thanks for stopping by--and keep listening to WCCR-Extreme College Radio!

Sponsorship / Underwriting

Advertising on WCCR can be a great way to reach hundreds on a weekly basis. Options are available for traditional 10 or 30-second radio spots. We invite you to contact us for a quote.

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